Software I use, gadgets I love, and other things I recommend.

I get asked a lot about the things I use to build software, stay productive, or buy to fool myself into thinking I’m being productive when I’m really just procrastinating. Here’s a big list of all of my favorite stuff.


  • 15” MacBook Pro, Intel i9, 16GB RAM (2019)

    I use a 15-inch MacBook Pro with an Intel i9 processor, 16GB RAM and Radeon Pro 560X graphics. This makes it easy for me to take my primary workstation with me when I need to work from a different location.

  • LG UltraFine 32” Ergo 4K HDR

    The external screen greatly increases the efficiency of my work. The projects I create need to work well on different resolutions and devices. That's why I use a large screen to be able to test the project well at different resolutions.

  • Logitech MX Keys - Keyboard

    When it works, my keyboard gets a good squeeze, so it must be solid and comfortable. When I started using MX Keys, I immediately knew it was what I was looking for.

  • Logitech MX Master 3 - Mouse

    The most comfortable mouse I've ever used.

  • Diablo Chairs V-Basic - Armchair

    Anyone who works in an office knows how important the right chair and its setting are. In the case of the armchair, I chose one of the more attractively priced ergonomic armchairs. I can honestly recommend this chair, in this budget it was hard for me to find something more interesting.

  • Trotten - Height adjustable desk

    Sitting for long hours puts a lot of strain on the spine. Sometimes it's good to straighten up, move around a bit. And sometimes it can be done without interrupting your work. All it takes is an adjustable desk, a few moves to start working standing up.

  • Nillkin - Adjustable laptop stand

    In order to sit properly while working, it is important that I have screens at eye level, so I have a laptop stand.

  • HUAWEI FreeBuds 4i

    I use headphones often at work, but also at the gym or during walks and listening to audiobooks.

  • iPhone 11 (128GB)

    I mainly use my smartphone to communicate and to test my projects.


  • Visual Studio Code

    Currently, my favorite code editor, thanks to extensions, built-in terminal and integration with GIT, greatly improves work. I've used Sublime Text before and may come back to it someday.

  • Bitbucket

    For as long as I can remember, the companies I've worked for have typically used Bitbucket to store their repositories. That's why I also often use Bitbucket, but mainly on projects where I work with companies.

  • GitHub

    Since private repositories are free on GitHub, I'm using it more and more. I also keep all my personal repositories on GitHub.

  • Chromatic

    I usually build component and view libraries using Storybook and publish using Chromatic.

  • Local by Flywheel

    In my opinion, the best tool for creating and managing WordPress-based projects locally.


  • Adobe XD

    A powerful and easy-to-use application for designing application interfaces or websites.

  • Affinity Designer

    A brilliant alternative to Adobe Illustrator. Especially if designing is not your main occupation.

  • Affinity Photo

    I used Adobe Photoshop for raster graphics for many years and thought I would never replace it. Over time, I got to know Affinity Photo, which is enough for me, and at the same time is a much cheaper option.

  • ImageOptim

    Really great for optimizing raster images like PNG and JPEG. Significantly reduces file size with no discernible difference in quality.


  • Vercel

    I enjoy working on projects based on JavaScript frameworks, such as React.js or Vue.js. I run them very easily and pleasantly on Vercel, which has a very pleasant and intuitive interface.

  • OVH

    I buy most domains on OVH, mainly because of the good prices and frequent promotions.

  • dHosting

    For smaller projects, I usually use flexible hosting from dHosting, which automatically scales as needed.


  • Google Workspace

    Thanks to the use of Google documents, I always have these documents at hand.

  • Notion

    One of my favorite apps for planning, managing your projects, journaling, and more.

  • Todoist

    A simple to-do list app. I mainly use it to share simple lists with others. For example, to the shopping list.

  • Dropbox

    Dropbox helps me sync and back up all my important files across devices.

  • Toggl

    A simple way to track the time spent on individual projects.


  • Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition (32 GB)

    For anyone who likes to read. I love how much space this device saves and how many books you can carry with you almost everywhere.

  • LinkedIn Learning

    An interesting platform with courses for many useful skills. Integrated with the LinkedIn account, thanks to which, after receiving a certificate or acquiring new skills, we can update the profile with one click.

  • Codecademy

    A great platform to learn programming. Thanks to interactive lessons with a built-in code editor, learning is much faster and more enjoyable.


    When I started my adventure with creating websites, I initially gained knowledge from free materials. At some point I discovered and then I invested my first money in developing these skills. It was a great decision and the moment when I started to develop much faster.

  • Duolingo

    A free language learning app and probably the first one I've used. To this day, I use it alternately with other applications.

  • Elsa Speak

    The best app for learning the correct pronunciation of English words and phrases that I know.

  • Empik Go

    Access to thousands of books and audiobooks as part of a subscription worth one book per month! It is definitely worth the price, especially since you can upload several books a month to Kindle.


  • Slack

    I don't think I need to introduce this communicator to anyone. Probably the most popular messenger for teams.

  • Signal

    The most used messenger to contact family and friends.

  • Orange Flex

    My main phone number is registered with Orange Flex. In my opinion, the best offers in Poland. Here, I have complete independence in choosing a plan and the ability to change it every month to a different one, depending on what I need in a given month.


  • InFakt

    I'm not, never have been and never will be an accountant. It's complicated enough to be left to a professional. Thanks to InFakt, you have all your accounting in one place, and the platform itself is always up to date with the latest legal regulations. You will find your accountant easily and quickly, and if you do not have a company yet, they will help you set it up or even do it for you.

  • Revolut

    When traveling, I need money in different currencies. A convenient solution is Revolut, thanks to which you only need one debit card to pay in different currencies and at attractive exchange rates.

  • Wise

    Sometimes I visit countries whose currencies are not very popular. In this case, Wise is the best choice in my opinion. It offers over 50 currencies!

  • XTB

    One of the first brokerage accounts I opened and the one I am most satisfied with so far. Well-developed trading platform and low investment costs.

  • IBKR - InteractiveBrokers

    I also use a brokerage account with InteractiveBrokers to invest in foreign shares.

  • Pravna

    They say there are only two things certain in life - death and taxes. Therefore, taxes are worth optimizing. The Pravna company helped me with this, with the help of which I obtained the IP BOX relief.


  • Spotify

    With Spotify, I can listen to the music I love and find the perfect playlist for any occasion. Whether I'm exercising, working, cooking or studying, there's always something for me. And while walking, I sometimes listen to podcasts.

  • Xbox Series S

    Some time ago I thought I had outgrown gaming. I've been away from gaming for almost 10 years. That's why I was a bit surprised myself when at some point I felt the need to forget about the troubles of life and I came up with the idea to relax with the game. For me, it's not a daily practice, but when it happens, this console works great!

  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

    Games are not cheap, and Game Pass gives you access to a really large library of games for the price. In addition, it allows you to play some games in the cloud, i.e. without installing it on the disk.